Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd.- PERC

Samples of PERC’s research

This is a sampling of the kinds of consulting projects PERC undertakes.   In addition to traditional SWOT analysis and scenario planning, many of PERC’s projects involve cross-border surveys that measure perceptions and attempt to strip away biases that can interfere with an accurate understanding of business conditions and good strategic thinking.  Others are structured to reveal systemic strengths and weaknesses, monitor how those strengths and weaknesses are changing over time, and compare how different countries compare both in fact and as perceived by certain groups.   We have also provided a sample of one of our group presentations to give you an example of the kind of in-house briefings we provide.  Such presentations typically describe the driving forces of the “big picture” and how they could shape the future environment for the client’s specific business.

To send us comments or if you would like to submit an article for possible inclusion in the library, please email us at info@asiarisk.com .

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