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         Asian Intelligence: This is our fortnightly newsletter. Once every two weeks we pick a relevant topic such as corruption, business costs, nationalism, foreign investment trends, etc. and examine it from the perspective of each individual country covered by our network as well as from a regional overview. Frequency: 25 issues per year. Cost: US$645 per year, which includes on-line access through PERC's Website for one person in the subscribing organization.

         Country Risk Monitoring Service: These reports on the individual countries covered by our network show how and why business risks are changing in the country concerned and what companies should be watching for in the near and medium-term that could affect the business environment. Frequency: once a month for each of nine countries covered.  Cost: US$575 per year for on-line access to one country.  US$1,175 per year for on-line access for one person in the subscribing organization to all nine countries covered on PERC's Website.  

         2018 Corruption Report on Asia: This is a report we produce at the end of the first quarter every year as part of our Asian Intelligence service. Our latest report is based on a survey of 1,802 middle and senior managers working in Asia, the US and Australia. We collected the data between January 2018 and the third week of March 2018. Countries covered include Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam. Subscribers to Asian Intelligence get this report automatically as part of this service, but this is one report we also make available in on-line single-copy format for US$350.

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